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Our Commitment

Our commitment runs deep...


We are committed to help you understand what is typically considered to be a complex condition (vestibular disorder). You will learn about why you are feeling the way you do.

It is to address as many of your concerns and fears about your symptoms as possible, and show you how to move forward. We will help to shine a light on how to recover!

We are committed to the continual pursuit of knowledge around inner ear, vertigo and balance dysfunction recovery. We will work to share it in a simple and digestible way. 

We are committed to you becoming a part of the WuZi family.  We will continue to provide an ongoing process to bring optimal health and a safe space to nurture your concerns around your condition.

We are committed to you. Not only getting you better, but helping you stay well too. We will do everything in our power to give you the Tools to recover.

Let's create balance together. WuZi On!

WuZi Founder

Thomas Patullo, AP OTR

  • Licensed Occupational Therapist (OTR)     Florida International University

  • Acupuncture Physician (AP)

     Atlantic Institute of Oriental         Medicine


Tom founded the Florida Balance Centers in 1992. His private practice was the first independent outpatient rehabilitation center to specialize in vestibular retraining in the state, and quickly became South Florida’s premiere center for vertigo, dizziness and balance rehabilitation.

Additionally, he is a licensed acupuncture physician and has combined the  skills of traditional medicine to maximize outcomes for vestibular disorders and other conditions.

Together with a nationally recognized neurotologist who specializes in inner ear disorders, they performed independent research on the effectiveness of balance therapy.

Thomas Patullo began this research and specialization in 1989.

See reviews from Tom's loyal patients at Florida Balance Centers in Hollywood, FL.

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In 2019, Tom and Esther began their working relationship at Florida Balance Centers and Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine.
Esther was looking to bring her work of Emotional Intelligence to more clients (Learn more about Esther and her Work on the Emotional Support
). Tom was looking to take his Vestibular work to the next level.

When they met, they knew instantly they would make a dynamic duo bringing healing and transformation to the world as life and business partners! 
They have been driving each other crazy ever since!

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