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Emotional Support

We know that dealing with something as complex as inner ear and balance issues can become both physically and emotional overwhelming! That is why, when I became a patient of this disorder in 2020 and personally experienced positional vertigo, I was truly grateful for these EI EQ Tools. It helped me move through this very scary time in a much smoother and joyful way. That is why we can stand behind these tools with certainty and trust that anyone who uses these pillars will experience the same type of freedom and joy as they move through stressful times.


Wuzi wants to help you manage this very scary and stressful time with the tools of Emotional Intelligence (EI) / Emotional Quotient (EQ) or as we like to call it “Recognize your level of CRAZY and Manage it with EQ…”, it’s a light-hearted way of encouraging you to learn how to become more emotionally  “Self-Aware” and “Self – Managed”  during this difficult time in your life. 


As Founder of the EI EQ Institute, a movement dedicated to the Awareness, Education, and Practice of Emotional Intelligence. My concept of, "Recognize your level of 'CRAZY' and Manage it with… EQ," was a lighthearted way to encourage all of us to learn how to become more emotionally “Self – Aware” and “Self – Managed” in order to achieve optimal recovery and/or other desired results in life.

The WuZi Team wants to help you to feel empowered during this difficult time. Therefore we have implemented this Ei EQ philosophy to help you take control and move towards optimal recovery.

The EQ Success Pillars are built on a unique blend of EI EQ Tools which we have found to foster a faster and
smoother recovery, moving you towards any desired result you may be seeking in life. We have found that learning, practicing and implementing these pillars have supported a faster and smoother recovery from the various inner ear and balance conditions you are experiencing. As you go through your Wuzi journey, you'll find emotional support videos between the exercises, motivating you to overcome your symptoms. Addressing the mind and body separate from the training exercises will make your recovery greater and faster!

The EI EQ portion of the WUZI system will be disseminated through mini videos throughout the modules, the WUZI blog, a social media group, YouTube video discussions with Esther and Tom, and other subject matter videos.

We look forward to sharing this transformation with you!

a. Intuition / Spiritual Laws
b. Basic Human Needs
c. EI EQ Basics


a. Exercise / Functional Movement
b. Nutrition
c. Rest/ Reset/ Recovery

a. Goals / Benchmarks
b. Mentors
c. Community & Tribe

d. Take Action

a. Be grateful for the little things
b. Practice a playful heart
c. Trust in your growth and transformation


Esther facilitates the Emotional Support at WUZI. She is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist with more than 2 decades of experience in the corporate sector, holistic health, and spirituality; previous President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Ft. Lauderdale, Speaker, Writer: Co-Author of two books, winner of the "2019 100 Successful Women in Business Award"; and Founder of EI EQ Institute.


Her concept is used in a variety of ways throughout her ventures in the personal, holistic, and business arenas. (Learn more about Esther and Tom’s Mission together here)

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