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  • Why do my symptoms come and go?
    Inner ear (or vestibular) symptoms often can come and go and only affect someone periodically. These episodic events can be quite disturbing as they can suddenly occur without warning and cause distress and anxiety. Even worse can place someone at risk for a fall. The inner ear is a motion sensor and it requires maintenance and attention. One condition that can often cause episodic problems is the condition of “Positional Vertigo” otherwise known as BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), you can read more about it here. The WuZi System is a program designed to address both chronic and episodic symptoms associated with an inner ear balance disorder. Start the program with the Free Video Assessment where you'll determine where to go in the WuZi System. It’s recommended you try to do the exercises daily for best results. With regular practice, you can expect a decrease in your symptoms. The key is trying to get through as many levels of the WuZi System that you are physically able to safely perform. Then maintain that level on a regular basis to keep your system in good shape. By doing this you will be strengthening your vestibular system and should see a reduction in your symptoms and hopefully eventually no further symptoms at all. If at any time you feel a spike in your symptoms, remember to go back and do the Free Video Assessment to help direct you. *If your symptoms continue, it is always recommended you consult with your doctors or healthcare practitioners for further evaluation to help rule out any other reasons for your symptoms.
  • What should I do if I get vertigo thoroughout the course?
    If you get vertigo at any time during the training, go back and take the Free Video Assessment. If you get vertigo during the Assessment, it will take you to Module 1 to address your symptoms. After feeling better upon completing Module 1, you may go back to the Module where you left off. If you're still feeling woozy, go back one Module. If you're still feeling woozy, go back to Module 2.
  • How do I cancel the course?
    Watch this video for instructions to cancel.
  • How long does it take to get better using the WuZi System?
    This is one of the most often asked questions and one of the more challenging ones to answer. I have often said to my patients "I wish I had a crystal ball that would give me that answer. Unfortunately, I don't have one. What I do have is over 30 years of experience working with clients and observing the variability in their progress. There are many factors at play in someone's recovery; the cause of their condition, their history of symptoms (days, weeks, months or years), childhood motion sickness issues, lifestyle, diet, stress, trauma, other health conditions...... and their motivation to consistently perform the WuZi Exercises. We at WuZi combine the optimal information you need to know in order to successfully and easily recover using the WuZi online video training program. - For some the improvement will be rapid, usually around 4 to 12 weeks, or even just several days if the condition is limited to a mild case of Positional Vertigo (BPPV). In this case choosing the MONTHLY PLAN would work well for those individuals. - Typically, for many clients who do NOT have a simple case of BPPV, the process typically involves 3 to 12 months to achieve a maximum stable outcome (in other words, to not only feel better but to stay well too!).This is because the WuZi process of recovery typically involves "neurogenesis" the ability of the brain and its nerve connections to the inner ear (vestibular system) to adapt accurately. The WuZi System has been strategically designed to guide you step by step back to feeling better as your brain, vestibular, visual and balance systems regain their ability to function accurately. In this case choosing one of the YEARLY PLANS would be the best way to go. If you are unsure as to which PLAN is best, you can alway start with the MONTHLY PLAN and then change it to a YEARLY PLAN. We have made the plans very affordable and you can cancel your plan anytime before the renewal period (monthly or yearly).
  • How often should you practice the WuZi exercises?
    This is a critical piece of information to know! In order to feel better you must create accurate and stable "adaptation" or "neurogenesis" (the ability of the brain and its nerve connections to the vestibular system to work properly). This requires repeating the WuZi exercises many times over a period of time to get results. In order to achieve this you must at least perform the exercises ONE time per day (5-6 times per week). If you want to accelerate your progress and if your symptoms allow, then practice the exercises 2-3 times per day, for faster results. Remember, rest and recovery along with following the nutritional recommendations is vital. If your symptoms are severe, then try "sprinkling" the exercises throughout the day, to minimize symptom spikes. Also, the level of stress in your life can interfere with some of your progress so look to our info about "Emotional Support" to help guide you.
  • How to progress through the WuZi Modules?
    The WuZi Modules have been strategically designed to help you recover. After you take the FREE WuZi Evaluation you will be directed to Module 1 (if you have vertigo symptoms) or to Module 2 (if you have other symptoms). Once you are in a Module your goal is to be able to perform ONE LEVEL AT A TIME in that Module until your symptoms improve or you are able to perform the Module easily without much difficulty. Module 1 is specifically for Positional Vertigo and it is recommended that you do NOT proceed to the next Module until your vertigo symptoms are mostly improved. Modules 2 through 5 each have three levels. REMEMBER, you ONLY do ONE LEVEL AT A TIME before you move to the NEXT LEVEL in that Module! You can proceed to the NEXT LEVEL when the exercises seem easy to do without many symptoms or balance problems (in other words, you have achieved MASTERY of that particular LEVEL). Please NOTE, do NOT RUSH this PROCESS. Performing the exercises ACCURATELY and with REPETITION is the KEY. It is NORMAL to feel like your symptoms may initially feel worse (remember, you are exercising a weak system or recovering from an irritation to your inner ear). With consistent practice you will see improvements in your symptoms and your ability to participate in your daily activities. If you are struggling with severe symptoms and feel like you are NOT MAKING PROGRESS, it's vital that you understand the NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT information. Check to see if you are following the recommendations and make the necessary changes..... This is vital to your recovery and staying well too!
  • What happens if you get a vertigo attack as you proceed through Modules 2 - 5?
    This is vital to understand! Modules 2 - 5 are designed to monitor you for the condition of positional vertigo while at the same time strengthening the inner ear crystals (otoliths). This is purposely designed into the WuZi System to facilitate accurate and stable results. Remember, daily repetition of the WuZi exercises is the key. It's like exercising your muscles or your heart, you have to do it regularly to get good results. If you do get a VERTIGO attack THEN you will STOP doing the exercises in whatever Module you were in AND go back to the WuZi FREE EVALUATION to determine if you need to go back to Module 1 to address this issue. Once the vertigo is improved, you can return to the level you were at before the attack occurred. If you find that this level is now too difficult to resume then go to the previous level and work your way back up. Remember, if this happens it's ok as long as you can address the VERTIGO issue with Module 1. If you continue to struggle with vertigo symptoms after attempting to perform Module 1 exercises then STOP and seek medical assistance to determine what the source of the problem is.
  • How long do I need to continue doing the WuZi exercises once I'm well?
    The GOAL is to work your way through the Modules as far as your PHYSICAL ABILITIES will allow you to go SAFELY. Typically, you will find you are feeling better as you MASTER each of the Modules and the levels inside each module. Once you are feeling better, it is HIGHLY recommended that you continue to practice at the highest level you have achieved a minimum of 1 to 2 times per week. I know of many past clients who tell me they practice the exercises almost daily when they are feeling better because they want to keep their system in good shape and avoid or minimize future problems. Practicing the WuZI System on an ongoing basis will bring you more than just relief from your vertigo or "woozy" symptoms. It is actually a wellness practice that aims to keep your inner ear and balance system in tip top shape allowing you to enjoy your quality of life as you age!
  • What does it take to stay well after I finish the WuZi program?
    The key thing here involves basically THREE things: NUTRITION / EXERCISE / MIND SET. As you feel better you will want to obviously stay well too. The WuZi System's GOAL is to allow you to resume your prior activity levels while at the same time even enjoying new ones. This means staying physically active, going for daily walks is one of the easiest ways to maintain your gains. Resume some activities or sports you may have stopped doing because of your symptoms, even better go out and try some new ones. Get out and be social again, so many of you have suffered with this "invisible" condition and found it hard to explain to others what you were going through. Share your experiences with others as this condition is causing so many to suffer in silence or to just isolate themselves. The MOST important component to staying well in my experience is paying close attention to your NUTRITION as you continue to stay PHYSICALLY ACTIVE. Avoid the "TROUBLE MAKER FOODS'' (eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, corn and high fat foods) that feed pathogens and make it hard for your body to eliminate toxins. READ the NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT INFO and really try to understand it. This will not only help your "woozy" balance or vertigo symptoms, it will help prevent other health conditions to allow you to live a more optimal life! Once you are a part of the WuZi "family" we will do our best to keep you informed about ways to optimize your health in general. We want to create a community of like minded people who want to elevate their awareness and consciousness for better living, better balance and better life!
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