Why do I my symptoms come and go?

Inner ear (or vestibular) symptoms often can come and go and only affect someone periodically. These episodic events can be quite disturbing as they can suddenly occur without warning and cause distress and anxiety. Even worse can place someone at risk for a fall. The inner ear is a motion sensor and it requires maintenance and attention. One condition that can often cause episodic problems is the condition of “Positional Vertigo” otherwise known as BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), you can read more about it here. The WuZi System is a program designed to address both chronic and episodic symptoms associated with an inner ear balance disorder. Start the program with the Free Video Assessment where you'll determine where to go in the WuZi System. It’s recommended you try to do the exercises daily for best results. With regular practice, you can expect a decrease in your symptoms. The key is trying to get through as many levels of the WuZi System that you are physically able to safely perform. Then maintain that level on a regular basis to keep your system in good shape. By doing this you will be strengthening your vestibular system and should see a reduction in your symptoms and hopefully eventually no further symptoms at all. If at any time you feel a spike in your symptoms, remember to go back and do the Free Video Assessment to help direct you. *If your symptoms continue, it is always recommended you consult with your doctors or healthcare practitioners for further evaluation to help rule out any other reasons for your symptoms.



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