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Why I'm Dedicating WuZi to
Lisa Sue (Raymon) Patullo, OTR 
(March 10th, 1956 - July 26th 2021)

When Lisa and I met as practicing Occupational Therapists working at University of Miami teaching Hospital, (we also both graduated from Florida International University), we knew we wanted to dedicate our careers to facilitating health and quality of life. We joined forces to become pioneers in the new arena of vestibular therapy. 


We knew how devastating these conditions were to people and their loved ones, and we opened our private practice in 1992 as a husband-and-wife team to help people with their invisible illnesses.


Little did we know, we’d be dealing with an invisible illness of our own: Lisa was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.


It just wasn’t fair. It was a dark, devastating diagnosis for both of us. It created a storm that almost derailed our family and our clinic, not to mention the patients and doctors who replied upon us. I struggled with trying to understand why it had happened, and sought out the best medical resources available to help Lisa.


But Lisa is a fighter. She inspired me to continue to help others when she couldn’t. As her condition has progressed, I'm more committed than ever to find ways to bring this healing work we created together to so many people as possible, so that her contributions can live on. 

WuZi Online Vertigo Recovery Training is dedicated to Lisa for her contributions, service, love and care for those she helped over the years.

To me, this is more than a website. It’s a way to share our compassion, knowledge, tools and skills for those suffering from vertigo, dizziness and balance problems. And it’s a way to continue to help others when we can’t.


Lisa’s love, laughter and energy provided relief for so many people suffering with vestibular disorders. WUZI is one way to spread Lisa’s spirit of care, concern and compassion, and her commitment to making a difference in the world for those in need!

With infinite love and compassion,

Tom    Patullo 

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