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How do I know which WuZi System plan is best for me?

How long does it take to get better using the WuZi System? This is one of the most often asked questions and one of the more challenging ones to answer. I have often said to my patients "I wish I had a crystal ball that would give me that answer. Unfortunately, I don't have one. What I do have is over 30 years of experience working with clients and observing the variability in their progress. There are many factors at play in someone's recovery; the cause of their condition, their history of symptoms (days, weeks, months or years), childhood motion sickness issues, lifestyle, diet, stress, trauma, other health conditions...... and their motivation to consistently perform the WuZi Exercises. We at WuZi combine the optimal information you need to know in order to successfully and easily recover using the WuZi online video training program.   


For some the improvement will be rapid, usually around 4 to 12 weeks, or even just several days if the condition is limited to a mild case of Positional Vertigo (BPPV). In this case choosing the MONTHLY PLAN would work well for those individuals. 


- Typically, for many clients who do NOT have a simple case of BPPV, the process typically involves 3 to 12 months to achieve a maximum stable outcome (in other words, to not only feel better but to stay well too!).This is because the WuZi process of recovery typically involves "neurogenesis" the ability of the brain and its nerve connections to the inner ear (vestibular system) to adapt accurately. The WuZi System has been strategically designed to guide you step by step back to feeling better as your brain, vestibular, visual and balance systems regain their ability to function accurately. In this case choosing one of the YEARLY PLANS would be the best way to go. 


If you are unsure as to which PLAN is best, you can always start with the MONTHLY PLAN and then change it to a YEARLY PLAN. We have made the plans very affordable and you can cancel your plan anytime before the renewal period (monthly or yearly). 

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