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Wuzi online vertigo recovery training

wu·zi (woozy) /ˈwo͞ozē/

adjective: informal, unsteady, dizzy, lightheaded, whirling or swimming

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  • Video Exercises for Vertigo, Dizziness & Balance Problems

  • Online Support - email, video guides, blogs, FAQ

  • 30+ years of successful healing

  • 1-12 Month Proven Training System

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About  WuZi

  • Based on WuZi's founder’s 30 years of experience working with dizziness, vertigo, and balance disorders. 

  • WUZI Online Vestibular Balance Training gives you the skills to overcome this invisible illness.  

  • WuZi vestibular retraining modules build resilience for:

    •  eyes, ears, legs, and brain to help recover your balance and regain your quality of life.

  • WUZI online training modules offer the best clinical practices to help you anywhere, at any pace.

The Founder

Thomas Patullo AP, OTR

Licensed Acupuncturist (AP) and Licensed Occupational Therapist (OTR).

For over 30 years, thousands of “woozy” people have stumbled through Tom’s doors at Florida Balance Centers, Inc. in Hollywood, FL. Many traveling from regions where vestibular rehabilitation is not available. That lack of access inspired Tom to make his methods available online, in service of those struggling in silence.

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 WuZi  Symptoms

vertigo help


balance problems

Balance Problems

woozy symptoms

Lightheaded, Foggy + Sway Sensation 

noise sensitivity

Noise and Light Sensitivity



ear pain

Ear and Neck Pain

Overwhelmed and Anxious

overwhelmed and anxious
motion sickness

Motion Sickness

How WUZI Helps

How  WuZi  Helps

WUZI Online Vestibular Balance Training is designed to bring awareness to how we process sensory information, particularly in relation to balance and movement. Retrain your brain through a systematic approach that harmonizes the vestibular, proprioceptive and visual systems.


WUZI breaks down the specific components that will allow your system to process sensory information accurately, and guide you through a comprehensive plan to optimize your central nervous system. In time, you will see an improvement in your balance control and a reduction of your symptoms.


WUZI measures success simply: let's get you back on your feet!



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